Tyros Biopharma

We are a fully integrated Canadian pharmaceutical company driven by delivering the highest quality, innovative women's health products.

Welcome To Tyros Biopharma

Founded in 2011, we have dared to promote and develop a sustainable growth strategy, in pursuit of our dream to meet healthcare challenges in the areas of women’s health. We flourish by sharing our vision with partners to continuously grow our ever-expanding specialty product portfolio to treat otherwise unmet medical needs in the field of women’s health.

The Tyros Promise

Improving Women's Lives

We believe in delivering the best women’s health products available.

Dedication To Serving Women

We believe that a deeper understanding of needs provides effective solutions.

Devotion To Women's Healthcare

We believe that access to information provides better healthcare. 

Tyros Biopharma's Product Portfolio

By empowering women, we aim to improve women’s healthcare. 

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Tyros Biopharma

We believe in open and honest conversations about women’s health

Natural Women's Health Products

We believe in delivering the best women’s health products available

Our Mission

We believe in helping women take charge of their health.

The Secret Of Our Success In Introducing Products Into North America



    Tyros Biopharma medical sales representatives are skilled professionals who work with Ob/Gyn’s and Family Physicians across Canada. We have proven scientific ability, driven by a highly experienced and passionate management team, with in-depth knowledge of clinicians’ needs.

    Our Capabilities


    Our national strategies focus on strengthening trade commitment and increasing brand awareness amongst physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. We aggressively promote our products through a wide range of innovative marketing and sales activities.

    Our Mission


    Established in building strong relationships through innovative and transparent approaches, Tyros Biopharma is continuously seeking new partnerships in our women’s health field, with other Canadian and multinational pharmaceutical companies who share our corporate philosophy.